The Groningen Circle hosted by MSSES invites to the international conference

A Discourse on the Legal Method: Historical and Philosophical Influences on Legal Thinking
June 23–24, 2016, Moscow
The conference will take place from Thursday 23 to Friday 24 June 2016 at the campus of The Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences.

On Wednesday, the delegates will arrive, Thursday and Friday will be dedicated to the conference, and Saturday we would like to organise some excursions for those of you who would like to spend an extra day in Moscow and leave on Sunday.

On Saturday, the delegates who would like to stay extra day will be able to explore the beautiful city of Moscow with us. The excursions will be advertised at the conference.
119571, Moscow, prospect Vernadskogo, 82, building 2

(495) 434-72-82 (225)
The Groningen Circle hosted by the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences
David Johnston
Francesco Giglio
Lauretta Maganzani
Rene' Brouwer
Thursday, June 23
  • Francesco Giglio (Manchester) Introduction
Morning session, Chair: R. Brouwer
  • Thomas Finkenauer (Tübingen) "Concept and Function of Iustum pretium from Roman Law to Modern Law"
  • Floriana Cursi (Teramo) "The History of Vicarious Liability"
  • Dmitry Dozhdev (Moscow) "Force Majeure: between Facts and Norms"
13:00 - 14:30 Lunch

Afternoon session, Chair: K. Barker

  • Francesco Giglio (Manchester) "Roman dominium and the English Concept of Ownership" Richard
  • Wright (Chicago) "The Law of Neighbors: Greek and Roman Roots"
  • Elena Silvestrova (Moscow) "Receiving non-receivable: Gale on easements and 19th century court cases"
Friday, June 24
Morning session, Chair: F. Cursi
  • Lauretta Maganzani (Milan) "Economic Analysis of Law and history"
  • David Johnston (Edinburgh) "Legal method: Roman law in the common law"
  • Anna Taitslin (Canberra) "From ubi remedium ibi ius to ubi ius ibi remedium: who is to blame? Gaius, Donellus?"

Afternoon session, Chair: R. Wright

  • Kit Barker (Brisbane) "Private Law and Analytical Jurisprudence: the Continuing Value of Hohfeld"
  • René Brouwer (Utrecht) "On the introduction of person as a general category in Roman law in the 1st cent. BC"
  • Dmitry Dozhdev (Moscow) Conclusion
Limited number of seats
Francesco Giglio
Scholars from five European universities have joined together in a project which aims to open a new pathway into the area of Roman law, and more generally legal history, and legal philosophy. A characteristic element of the project consists of a strong link between ancient law and philosophy on the one hand and modern law and lawyers on the other hand. This central idea of the project is contained in the concept of 'Law As an Open System', or simply LAOS. In this paper, a proposal will be advanced which concerns the relationship of contemporary private law mainly with historical, but also with philosophical analysis...
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The conference will be held in Moscow at the campus of The Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences: Pr. Vernadskogo, 82, build.5, room 338
For more information:, (495) 434-72-82 (225)

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